Jazz a Belles

The Jaz a Belles will sparkle and vitality to any event, whether it's your wedding, company party, birthday celebration or anniversary. From cocktail music to cabaret they can serenade your guests as they arrive, be wandering minstrels during dinner, or take to the stage for livly after dinner entertainment.

The Jazz a Belles are also particulary suitable for outdoors events, whether on stage or circulating amougst the picnickers as they have over two hours of repertoire form memory. They have performed in summer firework concerts at National Trust Venuse nationwide and have even enterianed the most discerning of audiences with music and games at teddy picnics. The Jazz a Belles have a comprehensive Jazz repertoire to suit any occasion..... from early bluegrass, ragtime and dixieland favourites through to the roaring twenties and the big bands of the swinging forties, to bebop the funk.... with additional music from the best musicals, TV and films.

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