• Divas Incognito

    Divas Incognito

    Building on the proven successful formula of their male counterparts, Divas Incognito is an concept on the

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  • Fire Eaters

    Fire Eaters

    Fire performance can create a fabulous impact for the beginning or the end of an event. We can provide solo…

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  • Face Painters

    Face Painters

    Face is a professional face painting association and one must pass quite a tough test to become a member

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  • Beats Working

    Beats Working

    Hailing from the Depths of Surrey, 4 superb musicans have come together to form Beats Working,

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  • Basket Ball

    Basket Ball

    This Brightly coloured three player game, sees players attampt to shoot the ball into the hoop.

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  • Simulators & Arcade Games

    Simulators & Arcade Games

    Business and leisure these days are both highly competitive markets. What do you do to get ahead, get noticed?

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  • Nintendo Wii

    Nintendo Wii

    Bring all the fun, and laughter of the incredible Nintendo wii to your event. Avalible with up to 4 plasma…

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  • Giant Garden Games

    Giant Garden Games

    We can offer Jenga, Connect 4, jumbo Buzzer, Snakes and ladders, twister. Just a few examples please ask

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  • Vice Versa

    Vice Versa

    Vice Versa is a uniquely versatile,seven piece band which blends experience, professionalism and talent

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