Balloon Modeller

Entertainers Bands and DJ'sBalloon sculptures for all, from Parrots, flowers and swords, to motor bikes and life sized cartoon characters, our balloon modeller will be on hand to mix and mingle with the guests.

Cartoonists or Caricature Artistes 

Entertainers Bands and DJ'sOur sketch artistes willmingle with the guests, working around the tables then presenting their hilarious caricatures

Almost as much fun for those watching as those being sketched !

Circus Workshop

Entertainers Bands and DJ'sOur crazy circus workshop will see our two professional Clowns teaching the guests a selectionof circus skills.

The workshop includes the following: Juggling, Stilt Walking, Diablo, Unicycling and Plate Spinning.

Close Up Magicians

Entertainers Bands and DJ'sTried and tested these entertainers never fail to amaze your guests with their sleight of hand.

Our magician will be on hand with close up magic and illusions to entertain the guests.

Comedy Security Guards / Waiters

Entertainers Bands and DJ'sHave your guests become the victim of our unique security team – Steve Jones and

Norman Bush, who will do everything from body plant, to cause our ‘oh so realistic’ metal detectors to go off !

It’s all good fun and you get to choose the victims !

They work not only inside, but we can also go outside causing chaos. We’re quite good at parking (directing) cars to parking spaces.

Imagine strict airport security but with two bumbling fools in charge of crowd control. And when the metal detectors go off (much to the embarrassment of the culprit) it’s like being stopped in Comet or Currys for stealing (we’d imagine!).

Needless to say upon entering the party or event, guests are left in bewilderment and confusion at what they have witnessed. ‘Are they real?..They must be?.. but how can they?’

Once all the guests are inside and after a quick change our two lunatics will assist with the buffet and the bar by becoming waiters !

Something really different for your event and will leave the guests talking about it for weeks !

Digital Paparazzi Photographers

Entertainers Bands and DJ'sOur Paparazzi Photographers dressed in a 50’s style, will snap away as guests arrive, soliciting cheesy grins and outrageous poses and actually take pictures that are uploaded to a website within a matter of hours.

The photographers interact with the crowd as if the guests were truly arriving at the Oscars !

Living Tables

Entertainers Bands and DJ'sOur Ice Fairy themed Living tables make a unique meet and greet centre piece at any event !
The tables will entertain the guests, create an exciting buzz and meet and greet on arrival with their first cocktail or appetizer of the evening.

Look a Likes

Entertainers Bands and DJ'sA vast selection of Look a Likes can be provided, choose from: Marilyn Monroe, Elvis and The Rat Pack, to Del Boy, Ricky Gervaise, members of the Royal Family and Posh & Becks to name but a few.

Pick Pocket

Entertainers in sussexKeith the Thief is one of the best pick pockets in the UK and will certainly add the wow factor to any event.

Stealing ties, pens, wallets and watches Keith is always a hit at every party he attends, but don’t worry everything is returned at the end of the night.

Silhouette Artists

With their demonstration of hand to eye co-ordination our silhouette artists will amaze yourEntertainers in sussex guests with their unique talent. Each paper cameo is cut straight out in a matter of seconds with nothing more than a pair of scissors !

The likenesses are then mounted onto ovals and handed out as a souvenir of your event.

Stilt Walkers

Whether your event is for a corporate, retail, festival, community, street party, private, or Stiltwalker in sussexpromotional event we can provide the right stilt walking acts for you.

A wide range of themes can be accommodated including: Circus, Jesters, Butterflies, Nightclub, Pirates, Dragons, Showgirls, Aliens, Monsters, Christmas, Winter and many more.

We also have stilt walkers who are multi-skilled and can provide juggling or balloon modelling on stilts or who can provide a number of different skills throughout a day’s entertainment.


Juggling shows are amazing to watch. Juggling shows can be high skilled stage shows for evening or corporate event; comedy (but still highly skilled ) shows with lot of audience participation; street shows with crazy juggling stunts. we provide juggling shows to suit all events – from glitzy stage shows to themed shows and family entertainment. All our jugglers are highly skilled, trained professionals. They perform with a wide variety of juggling props including juggling balls and clubs; diabolo, devil stick, juggling knives and fire torches; hats, spinning balls, cigar boxes and contact juggling balls.